• Firearm of the Week – Colt .380 Mustang

    The new Colt .380 Mustang Pocketlite and Mustang XSP are small, lightweight and boast enhanced durability, reliability and accuracy, making either an ideal handgun for personal protection. The precise machining process, use of high quality materials and improvements in design make Colt’s new .380 Mustang Pocketlite and Mustang XSP two of the most consistent and reliable firearms on the market. The stainless steel slide and barrel are CNC machined from solid bar stock for precise tolerances. With loaded magazines, each of these handguns weighs less than one pound. They both measure 5.5 inches long and have a 2.75-inch barrel. The minimal weight and length of these guns, combined with the short single action trigger, grip designs, frame designs and firing pin safety block make these firearms ideal for personal protection.

    – High Profile Sights
    – Commander Style Hammer
    – Solid Aluminum Trigger
    – Lowered Ejection Port
    – Stainless Steel Slide
    – 2 ¾” Barrel Length
    – .380 Auto, 6 Round Magazine Capacity

  • Hidden Gun Storage

    Hey guys wanted to share an awesome christmas idea with ya’ll. I just received one of a piece of furniture that is great for hidden gun storage. The company is Minutemen Cabinets and they offer shelves that you can fit your handguns, shotguns, or rifles in, or any other treasures you want to hide away. My wife got me the 58″ one for our anniversary and I put my 20GA mossberg 500 in it. The worst thing about it is that it is supposed to be secret. But I can’t stop showing all my family and friends! Check out all of these hidden gun cabinets.

  • Firearm of the Week – German Model 1879 Revolver. 2001.36.1

    By the late nineteenth century, America and England had begun to adopt revolvers as a staple to the military, but some European Armies followed a little slower. They retained the philosophy that personal side arms were more a symbol of rank for the military, so they were not quick to adopt a standard pistol. In horribly simpler terms, the pistol was to the military in the nineteenth century as a designer bag is to a female celebrity today. It denoted status.

    But as popularity grows, it becomes engrained into the status quo. The German Model 1879 Revolver was just that. In 10.6mm scharfe Revolver-Patrone caliber, this revolver was the first standard, cartridge-firing handgun adopted by the German military. It was a single action, six-shot revolver that had a separate rod for ejecting spent cartridges.